Team Captains of Indoor league teams are asked to ensure their players know when they are supposed to be bowling. There has been too many non attendances on the day recently for league games, which causes disruption and annoyance from opponenets who arrive but then can't play. The problem is communication with team members and some referring to the various versions of the team roster. Please can you ask players to delete old versions and to pay attention to whatever is the correct information about when they should be playing.................Thanks.

Also, would Team Captains please advise their players that the house within the car park may soon house a nursery school and work is underway to fence off an outside area which will be lost to parking. In addition, the parking places along the hedges on the left of the house, when looking at it, will be reserved for the Nursery's use and nobody else in the daytime, so please park elsewhere. Please comply with this requirement as we don't want to fall out with our new neighbours. Thanks.

John Hurren, Chairman of the Indoor section.

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Saturday, 2nd of December 2023