Outdoor players will soon complete a sun-drenched summer season and their thoughts will be changing to the fast approaching Indoor season at Chipping Norton Bowls Club, where they can reconnect with many old friends.

On behalf of the club, I’d like to welcome all returning players and new bowlers to Chipping Norton Bowls Club for what we all hope will be an enjoyable season ahead.  The threat of losing members to the Covid-19 virus has receded significantly and we have adjusted our playing protocols accordingly. However, we strive to keep our members and guests safe and in good health, so we continue to ask anyone who tests positive for the Covid virus or shows symptoms associated with the virus to kindly stay away from the club until your feel better.  Should you have a problem, kindly inform your team captain if in the league or one of our committee members.

Bowlers will notice some positive changes at the club in the bowling hall, as many of the breeze block sections of wall have now been insulated with 100mm insulation boards and redecorated to make it look smart. The contractors, led by Martin Acock are thanked for their excellent workmanship. This was done to assist with retaining heat within the hall, this reducing the energy needed to create warm air constantly. This will also reduce the costs of heating which are predicted to be 3 times higher than last year.

Regrettably we still have the same heating system that was installed many years ago, due to the significant rises in the cost of the alternatives considered, but will continue to seek an affordable remedy in the coming months. You will also notice that the lighting in the hall has been rewired to allow individual rinks to be illuminated separately, and we hope for your support by shutting down any lighting which is not needed when other rinks are not being used.

We hope all members will cooperate with us for reducing energy costs for both heating and lighting, so that we can continue to offer bowling at low prices. As we have confidence in your support with this request, we are pleased to inform you that the membership fee will be £70 this year, with £3 for each 2 hour session played. This represents one of the lowest prices for club membership and engagement in the whole region, but relies on your help to keep gas and electricity costs down.

Our season officially starts on 1 October, but if you are keen for an early roll up, the facilities will be open from 26 September, with most leagues starting during the second week in October.

We have a few new enthusiastic committee members this year and they look forward to accommodating a range of bowling activities to suit casual, social and competitive bowlers and we hope you enjoy the company of fellow enthusiasts and have fun on the greens.

Other new information that you may be interested in:

·       The mat is to be stretched on 15 September

·       The Tuesday evening league will be trialling a new handicapping system to make games more competitive and to give any team that plays well, a chance to win. Three wise men have been invited to consider the handicaps of individuals for Tuesday evenings, and I thank them for doing this on behalf of the committee. This will be displayed on the noticeboard for all to see.

·       You will also see a new TV monitor by rink One, which will keep you informed of many activities around the club throughout the year.  Yes, we are getting more “techy”!

I look forward to greeting everyone at the Bowls Club during your re-acclimatisation to indoor bowling and hope all your aspirations for the next year can be fulfilled.

Happy bowling.

John Hurren, Chairman of the Indoor section at CNBC



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Saturday, 2nd of December 2023