INDOOR LEAGUES – 2021/22 Commencing in October 2021

There is a lot of optimism that we may be back to normal for the indoor bowling season, so we hope that many of the people that chose not to join last year will have the confidence to do so this year, and those that played last year will want to continue this year. Potentially we could see a number of new members joining this year also.

All past team captains have been contacted and asked to register their teams for the upcoming indoor season and some responses are being received, however we would welcome new teams for any of the leagues, so if you have never been a team captain and would like to be, just find the required number of players to join your team, give it a name and let us know.

Set out below, are the proposed leagues we'd like to run, including a new pairs league on Monday evenings and have also indicated the "core number" needed for each league team, which I'd like you to provide details for, when you have decided to enter a particular league. You will have the opportunity to increase your core team later perhaps, when new members are looking for a team.

You are invited to enter teams in any of the following leagues and can enter as many different leagues as you wish:

  1. Monday Afternoon - Ladies Triple league - Core team: 5
  2. Monday evening - Open pairs league - Core team: 3
  3. Tuesday morning - Mixed rinks league - Core team: 6
  4. Tuesday evening - Men's Rinks league - Core team: 6
  5. Wednesday morning - Open Triples League - Core team: 5
  6. Wednesday evening - Open triples League - Core team: 5
  7. Thursday morning - Open Rinks league - Core team: 6
  8. Friday morning - Open Rinks League - Core team: 6
  9. Friday evening - Men's Triples league - Core team: 5

Please let me know at the earliest opportunity what your choices are and ideally, who will be playing with you (Please phone them to get confirmation rather than make an assumption). Please confirm the name of your team also. Thanks.

If you would like to join a team and currently don’t have a team to play in or you have never played in a team previously, please contact us to let us know you are interested and we will fit you into a team.

I regret to inform you that Brenda Shepherd stepped down as our League Organiser and currently we don't have anyone to fill this important position. So until we find a willing replacement, please contact John Hurren on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our internal leagues are the “life blood” of our club where people can have an enjoyable game of bowls and meet friends, old and new.  A league game takes 2 hours to play only and gets you out of house regularly throughout the winter.  After being kept indoors for so long, it will be great to meet with friendly people at the bowls club again.

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Tuesday, 15th of June 2021