Bowlers will be aware of the Govt's latest announcement to enforce a further lockdown from Thursday next until 2 December (at least).

The indoor committee remain positive and optimistic about the future of indoor bowling and acknowledge the confidence gained by players by providing a safe bowling environment and adapting to our requested playing methods to reduce the risk of being infected by the virus. As a consequence, we will continue our current plans until we close the club after the last game on Wednesday, 4 November, whereupon we will do a deep clean throughout and close the club until the Govt give the go ahead again.

We normally receive a few days notice of any changes from the Govt and we are confident that we can do essential maintenance and cleaning to be open at the first opportunity, from when we will carry on with our current plans, particularly for leagues.

So for leagues, we confirm they will start on Tuesday morning (3 Nov) as planned; be suspended from Thursday onwards and reopen when agreed by the Govt, continuing the use the current fixture list. Any games that have been postponed will be rearranged when we know the recommencement date.

The KO Finals held open from last winter to November will be postponed again and new dates confirmed when the future is clearer.

Feedback on future bowling proposals circulated recently would still be welcome. The committee will consider the current subscription consequences when there is more information about when we can play again, as there may be further postponements after the current Dec 2 deadline.

We wish all members a safe passage through the next lockdown period and we look forward to seeing you again after the new lockdown finishes. We will do our best to keep you well informed in the meantime. STAY SAFE.


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Monday, 18th of January 2021