Newsletter – 26 October 2020

Congratulations to all our bowlers for adjusting to the needs of bowling during the Covid -19 pandemic and we are pleased to see so many of you enjoying yourselves on the indoor green.

Your indoor committee has recently reviewed all the measures put in place and are grateful for the cooperation of members for abiding by the new rules and keeping each other safe. From Friday, 23 October, electronic scoreboards can be used again to assist you to keep track of the game. However we request just one person is nominated for each game to handle the scoreboard, thus reducing the risk of transmission to others. We have bottles of hand sanitiser located around the playing area if you forget, but please avoid any spillage on the carpet.

You will be aware that transmissions are still rising nationally and also in Oxfordshire, so we have decided that face coverings will remain mandatory to give people confidence to bowl. Currently we are in Tier 1 – medium risk, which means we can continue to enjoy our sport, but if Chipping Norton is required to move to Tier 2 – High risk, then regrettably we will have to shut the club until the risk is reduced, so please be aware of this. 

Returning to the subject of restrictions whilst bowling, as stated earlier, the majority of people are doing all the right things and getting familiar with how we can keep each other safe. However, we need to encourage the few that forget sometimes by not changing ends on the left side of the green,

By reminding people how to enter the green, by avoiding the area at the back of the green which is already occupied and only handling the jacks and mats that are the responsibility of one of the lead players. Social distancing also needs to be at the forefront of your mind when on the green.

In summary we are doing very well, but we are not perfect yet !

New opportunities to bowl

We have new proposals for both competitive singles or pairs leagues on a Monday or Wednesday evening and for a weekend super sixes contest and these have been Emailed to everyone we can. For those without Emails there are details on the notice-board at the club and also on this website.

Booking system

The new booking system is being well used and it is easy to use, via our website. This is our primary track and tracing tool and complements the NHS code scanning which many of you use and our handbook for signing in. As a reminder, you don’t need to scan or book in when playing league matches, as we do this retrospectively on the booking system, when we know who has played.

If you have booked a rink, then decide you don’t want it, please inform John Cox in plenty of time, who will cancel your entry.

Heating & Ventilation

You may be surprised, but our long suffering heating and ventilation system is one of the safest in bowls clubs around the country. Good ventilation is important for stopping transmissions of the virus and our ventilation rate is more than six times better than the recently increased recommendation for a sports hall.

New members and coaching

We will be encouraging new people to try the sport of bowling through advertising in the local media shortly and we would like to offer coaching at the weekends for younger people and those who work. We would like a couple of new coaches at the club and will sponsor any lady or gentleman who would be prepared to qualify for this role. Please speak to Bill Jarvie for details.

Leagues and Knock out competitions

Our leagues kick off their season after next week after getting acquainted with new players and changes to Covid safe playing methods and we wish everyone good luck. We will be displaying league tables on the nearest notice-board to the temporary changing area. Our outstanding Knock- out finals from last winter will be played in November and I will be persuading members to play in the current season’s Knock out competitions which start after Christmas.  Slips to make your interest known will be available in the clubhouse soon.

Christmas 2020

We suspect there will be less people going away this Christmas and fewer large family gatherings, so we will try to keep you entertained over the festive break. The green will only be closed on 3 days – Dec 25, Dec 26 and Jan 1, 2021.  We are planning a fun match for Saturday, 19 December, so watch out for details and we will be doing a Christmas draw on this day also. To make this covid safe, no prizes will be exhibited in the hall, as in previous years, but we would love to receive wrapped presents for prizes from members (like a secret santa gift) and we will put a large sheet of squared cardboard on display, where you can add your name for£1 per square. The board will be cut up into small squares for the draw on 19 Dec.


John Hurren, Chairman of the Indoor section.


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