Preparations for Indoor bowling, commencing 1 October 2020

Part 1

For a few weeks now, we have been planning for when we can offer Covid-19 safe conditions for bowlers to use our indoor facilities and we have sought to comply with both the Government advice on the matter and with The English Indoor Bowling Association (EIBA). The outside green has been open since 1 June and although numbers using the facility have been relatively low, there have been no incidents which have caused us concern, whilst those bowling have had a great time.

We are pleased to inform you that we are confident about providing safe facilities indoors, but will need your individual cooperation to abide with our playing requirements, which have changed significantly from the playing situations you are familiar with. Bowling is a safe sport where social distancing can be achieved, making it one of the few sports that can be undertaken by people of all ages, providing gentle exercise, good friends and mental stimulation to balance the general negativity we have all been through in the last few months.

However, a number of changes to the sport and social facilities have been necessary to keep people safe from contracting the virus when engaging in our activities. We welcome members and new bowlers, but on condition that you abide by our new ways of playing and socialising, so that we all stay safe. Further changes may also occur as the Covid-19 threat gets less or if there are spikes in the future and we will update the following advice when this occurs

We have set out clearly how “bowls as you know it” has needed to be changed within our Risk Assessments to keep people safe whilst at the same time giving you a chance to enjoy your bowling, whether as a competitive player or a social bowler, but again things “ain’t what they used to be!”

For those interested in playing in leagues, we need to hear from you so that we can organise the various leagues dependent on the numbers prepared to commit to this. So don’t be shy, let us know by the end of August please. Expect some communication from your past team captain on this shortly and if you haven’t played in the leagues before, but want to....... let us know soon.

This is also an opportunity for people in existing teams to consider playing on additional days. Please let us know by going to our website: , click on “contact us” and enter your name, Email address and leave your message.

For your information, we have set out what changes will be made for the way we all play and what we will expect from you so that we can collectively keep each other safe. The detail is in Part 2 attached.

From 1 October, the indoor bowls green will be open, but with three rinks only, allowing us to provide 2-3 metres gap between rinks. We have decided that face coverings will be mandatory for all indoor bowling, even though social distancing will be a priority in addition to ensuring good hygiene, thus reducing or eliminating the risk of the virus being passed on to someone unknowingly.

As an incentive to return to bowling, the Management Committee have agreed to combine the membership fee and all green fees into one payment of £120 for the coming season only. This equates to just one game a week in financial terms, but for those many people who play more than once a week, this will be a significant saving on past costs. The fee can be paid in two instalments if you wish - £60 in October & £60 in January. It also means that there is no need to pay anything more whenever you visit the club.

A number of changes have been made as a result of our desire to keep everyone safe and these are detailed in Part 2 of this correspondence. Please take the opportunity to read this before you return to the club.

Other news:

  • Outstanding competition finals from last year are to be organised in November
  • The leagues for 2019/20 have been terminated
  • New club competitions are likely to start after Christmas, circumstances allowing.
  • No food will be provided from the kitchen whilst we have to use the dining room for changing
  • In the meantime think about whether you will be bowling in the upcoming season and let us know when asked, including the leagues when your team captain contacts you. We’d be delighted to see you.

There will be more news coming shortly so keep an eye on our website periodically.

John Hurren,

Chairman of the CNBC Indoor Committee


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