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A warm welcome to this first edition of the CNBC Newsletter. We aim to produce a quarterly Newsletter with the intention of keeping everyone up to date on news, events and issues that may be of interest or concern to members. Hopefully it will become a vehicle to allow members and other interested parties the opportunity to submit their views, suggestions for improvements etc. or simply to express their feelings on the Club. Contributions will be welcomed whether in the form of a letter, article or whatever


At a recent Extraordinary General Meeting the proposal to build a cover over the part of the roof which protects the Indoor Bowls Hall was discussed. As explained at the meeting the present roof is in a very poor state and professional advice advises us to take whatever action is necessary to guarantee the situation does not worsen and threaten even more major problems. Of the options available the Management Committee decided that the option of covering the roof at a cost of circa £50,000 would be the best course of action. Following the presentation by Mike Harris, who has represented the Club through the process of identifying the best solution and obtaining appropriate estimates and the various comments, a vote was taken which returned a unanimous agreement to proceed.

Work on this project will commence at the end of the indoor season and take some weeks. Scaffolding and various building systems will be employed to enable the work but we have assurances that safe access to both the Club and the outdoor bowling green will not be affected. The indoor green will be protected with an overall covering so will not be available for play by the “Indoor Summer Bowlers” for the period of the work.

Mike Harris assisted by Bill Jarvie has agreed to oversee the project on behalf of the Club for which we offer our thanks. We will try to ensure that Cub members are kept up to date on the progress of the project but meanwhile if you have any queries, both Mike and Bill will be happy to talk to you.


As everyone will be aware Bill and Roberta Jarvie have organised a bowls tour for 2019. The dates and full details of the tour are well displayed within the Club. At present there are 40+ members and guests signed up and the necessary planning and arrangements for the games are well advanced. I believe there are still a few vacancies for both players and non- playing tourists but get in quick as I am sure the places will soon be claimed. I have stayed in the Hotel on many occasions whilst on tours and have thoroughly enjoyed myself. Many thanks to Roberta and Bill for their initiative and for the time and energy invested in organising this event. Best wishes for a very successful occasion and to all who embark on the tour.


In past years the Club has arranged a variety of social events which due to a lack of interest and poor attendance for some of them, were not continued. Speaking to various members we have formed the opinion that there could be support from sufficient members to warrant Organising some social events. This was discussed at a recent Management Committee meeting and it was agreed that we will take more constructive soundings to enable a more informed judgement on the value of proceeding further. Meantime it would be Appreciated if members would share their thinking on the re-introduction of a social activities programme with the management committee members. We would particularly like to hear from any members who would be interested in participating in any social events, the type of events favoured e.g Quiz Nights, Bingo, whist drives, other types of card games, barbecues with short games, car treasure hunts etc. and whether or not simple catering as a


part of the events would be favoured. However, most importantly we would like to know who would be willing to help with these activities and of course ideas for other social events.

Please give some thought to this topic which if effected would give another dimension to the Club which would be of benefit to the Club and members alike.


The outdoor Competitions were once again successful and concluded at the Outdoor Section annual Dinner with the presentations. Our thanks to once again to Nigel Siford for his efforts in organising the competitions and entertaining everyone at the Dinner with his gentle mocking and amusing repartee. Congratulations to all the winners and runners up and our thanks to all who entered the competitions. Our best wishes to all who enter then 2019 competitions.

The Indoor competitions are still in progress under the direction of the Organiser, John Hurren who is making a super job of the task. A big thank you to John. The current situation is displayed on the Board near the Bar. Some surprises but some good bowling is being reported which is always a pleasing feature. To those remaining in the competitions, our very best wishes and to those who have “retired” from the events – better luck next time.


Some time ago the Management Committee identified the need for the Club to produce a new “Members Guide to the Club”. John Cox offered to take on this task and he has produced a very comprehensive booklet covering every aspect of Club membership and various issues around the game of bowls. We are hoping to get copies printed soon which will ensure that all future new members will receive a copy as part of their welcome pack. We will be posting the Booklet on the Club Website should present members or anyone else interested wish to access it. Our thanks to John for his labours.

In regard to new members, in common with every other Club we have to be conscious of the need to recruit and retain members in an effort to maintain a level of membership necessary to sustain the financial and sporting standards needed to ensure the viability of the Club. Over the past few years we have   suffered net losses on both fronts and the cracks are beginning to show. The Management Committee are doing all we can to reverse this trend and will continue to do so but it would be of great help if the Club members could play a part. Do you have any family members, friends or neighbours who might be interested in taking up bowls? If you do, please encourage them to come to the Club with you, show them around and explain the six free periods of play and the process of application. The Club Coaches – Bill Jarvie and Mike Harris are more than happy to work with you if this would be of assistance.


Please feed back your views on this Newsletter and if you are so inclined, please submit a contribution which would be gratefully received for the next edition (early Spring) - a  letter, a critique, a poem. Whatever! This is your Newsletter!

 Meantime please accept my best wishes for a Happy New Year to you and yours.









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