Finals Weekend – Competition Secretary’s Report


The weekend began on Friday evening with the Never Won cup. Contested between husband and wife, Cathy & Martin Sparks, it was an intriguing match with Martin getting the better start to go 8-1 in front after 5 ends.  The next 3 ends went to Cathy to pull back to 8-5 after 8 ends. Martin kept his nose in front and after 18 ends was leading 16-12.  A 3 from Martin on end 19 put him 19-12 in front and the winning line was in sight, however this was his last score as Cathy took the next 6 ends to clinch the title 22-19 and secure her first trophy.


Saturday began at 10am with the Drawn Open Pairs and Married couples.

The Drawn Open Pairs was between Sue Field leading to Malcolm Bowden and Pat Brown leading to Pat Griffin.  Sue and Malcolm took the early lead and were 8-2 in front after 5 ends. The Pats then kicked into gear, winning the next 5 ends to lead 14-8. A comeback from Sue & Malcolm saw the score at 15-15 after 14 ends. It was 18-18 at 18 ends and then Sue and Malcolm won the next 3 ends by 1 shot to win by 21 shots to 18.


The Married Couples match was Carol leading to Jeff Martin and Roberta leading to Bill Jarvie. The Martins led 2-1 after 3 ends however this was the last time they were in front. The Jarvies kept the lead and the score was 6-2 after 8 ends. The Martins picked up a 3 on end 9 to bring the score to 6-5 to the Jarvies. After 13 ends it was 8-7 to the Jarvies, and they won the next 3 ends to lead 13-7.  The final 5 ends saw 3 ends being won by the Jarvies and 2 by the Martins resulting in victory for the Jarvies with a final score of 19-10.


Saturday afternoon saw 3 finals all starting at 3pm.

The Two-Wood Singles was contested between Martin Sparks and Micky Boobyer, with Martin taking the first 2 ends to lead 4-0 before a comeback from Micky to bring the score to 5-5 after 6 ends. It was nip and tuck and after 9 ends the score was 7-7 and then 9-9 after 12 ends.  6 ends in a row for Martin saw him lead 17-9 after 18 ends. Micky took the next 3 ends and the score was 17-13 at 21 ends. It wasn’t enough for Micky though as Martin took 4 of the last 6 ends to triumph 21-16 and take his first victory.


The Ladies Pairs saw Roberta Jarvie and Pat Brown up against Sue Field and Carol Martin.  Sue and Carol got off to a flying start going 9-0 in front after 3 ends. Roberta and Pat fought back to bring the score to 9-7 to Sue & Carol after 7 ends. They kept their noses in front and led 15-11 after 15 ends. 2 ends in a row saw Roberta & Pat level the score to 15-15 after 17 ends. Ends 18 & 19 went to Sue & Carol followed by 2 shots by Roberta & Pat in end 20 to make the score 19-17 to Sue & Carol with 1 end to play. What a nail-biting end this was!  Roberta & Pat, who had not been in front all game, picked up a 5 to secure the title 22-19.


In the Men’s Pairs, Jeff Martin & Martin Acock took on Pat Griffin and Nigel Siford. Early exchanges saw Pat & Nigel lead 3-0 after 3 ends, 7-2 after 6 ends and 11-5 after 9 ends. The next 8 ends saw each pair win 4 ends with the score 16-10 to Pat & Nigel after 17 ends. A victory for the leaders looked in sight as they just need to keep the score tight for 4 ends. However Jeff & Martin took the next 3 ends to level the game at 16-16 after 20 ends.  A 1-end shoot out saw Jeff & Martin pick up the 1 shot they needed for victory. This was the only time in the match that the winners were in front, the same as in the ladies pair’s game.  


Sunday morning finals were all Singles matches - John Quinn Sets, Overs 60’s, Ladies Singles and Men’s Singles.

The John Quinn Sets between Mike Harris and Tom Granville was worthy of a final. Tom took a single to lead 1-0 in the first set but Mike was on fire in the next 3 ends to go 6-1 in front. Tom raised his game in style to take the next 3 ends and lead 8-6 after 7 ends. Mike took the next end with 1 shot to bring the score to 8-7. The last end of the set went to Tom by 1 shot and he secured the first set 9-7. The second set started the same as the first with Tom taking the first end with a single shot. Mike kicked into another gear and won the next 6 ends to lead 8-1 after 7 ends. Tom needed two 4s to win the set but only managed to take 1 shot on end 8 securing the second set for Mike 8-3.  Winning one set each, Tom and Mike had to play a 3-end tie break. First end went to Mike with 2 shots and the second end to Tom with 1 shot. The third end was won by Mike who scored 1 shot to take the tie break 2 ends to 1, and the title was his.


The Over 60’s final was between John Hurren and John Benfield and more than lived up to expectation. John H took the first 2 ends and a 4-0 lead only for John B to take the next 3 ends to level the match at 4-4 after 5 ends. The close trend continued and the match was level at 7-7 after 9 ends. John H then took the next 2 ends to lead 10-7 after 11 ends, only for John B to take the next 3 and the lead with a score of 13-10. It switched again and John H took the next 4 ends to lead 16-13 after 18 ends. John B responded again and took the next 2 ends to level the match at 16-16 after 20 ends. John H then took a 2 and a 1 to lead 19-16 and only 2 shots from winning the title. John B had other ideas however and took the next end to make the score 19-18 to John H. The game could have gone either way with both men determined to get the last shots they needed for the title. It was John Hurren who held his nerve to pick up the final 2 shots needed to secure victory with a final score of 21-18.


Cathy Sparks and Sue Field contested the Ladies Singles final with Cathy getting off to a flying start with a score of 8-0 after 4 ends. Sue then won 3 of the next 4 ends to pull the score back to 9-5 to Cathy. It was nip and tuck for the next 5 ends and the score after 13 ends was 12-7 to Cathy.   Cathy then took a significant advantage winning 3 of the next 4 ends to lead 18-8 after 17 ends. Sue rallied and took 2 shots on end 18 to reduce the deficit slightly but Cathy was on fire and won the next 2 ends to secure the title 21-10.


The Men’s Singles final was between Malcolm Bowden and Martin Acock. Malcolm stormed out of the blocks to lead 12-1 after 11 ends. Martin then took 5 of the next 6 ends to make the score 15-6 to Malcolm after 17 ends. The next 4 ends were shared and the scoreboard moved to 18-9 to Malcolm after 21 ends. Martin then won the next 2 to pull back to 18-14 after 21 ends. 2 single shots from Malcolm in the next 2 ends saw him lead 20-14 before he conceded the match to Martin. Malcolm is unavailable to represent the club at the end of season Champion of Champions competition so conceded the game to give the club a representative in the competition.


I would like to thank the Green Team for producing a green worthy of a finals weekend. Also, thanks to Keith and Roberta for running ‘Keith’s Kitchen’ over the 2 days with delicious bacon rolls, and keeping everyone refreshed with drinks. It was great arriving at the club both mornings to the aroma of bacon!


Thanks to Pat Brown, Val Harris and Bill Jarvie for marking the finals, and to President Tony and all the spectators who came to support the finals. There were 10 people supporting on Friday evening and 20+ at each of the Saturday and Sunday sessions.


Finally, I would like to congratulate all winners, and commiserate runners-up who must remember there is always next year.


Nigel Siford

Competition Secretary   



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Thursday, 29th of October 2020