Potential Doubles league(s) on Monday and/or Wednesday evenings

You may be aware that our traditional leagues will all be Triples leagues due to Covid restrictions and the fact that many members are choosing to stay away from the bowls club in the current  season. As a result there will be no Triples leagues on Monday or Wednesday evenings.

This provides an opportunity to trial a doubles league (or even a singles league) and this communication is to gauge your interest in participating on either of these evenings. It may be possible to trial some of these options from November onwards with a view to starting the league(s) after the new year. These will be open events and both men and ladies are very welcome.

Please Email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let me know your thoughts. Alternatively, please fill in the feedback form on the back of this sheet indicating where your interests lay:

There are a few potential formats for a pairs league and few more options for a singles league:

1.     Choose a partner and play a traditional pairs match with 4 woods each, for the 2 hour session.

2.     Choose a partner and play an Australian pairs match with 4 woods each. Australian pairs is where the first player in each team delivers two woods, then changes ends with his/her partner who will bowl all 4 of their woods, before changing ends again for the first player to deliver their last two woods. The same happens with first and second players reversed at the other end. It provides a little more walking, but everyone gets a chance to play both roles, so is good for developing your personal game.

3.     As 1 above, but with a drawn pair.

4.     As 2 above but with a drawn pair

5.      As 3 above, but with a different drawn pair for each game, with match scores contributing to the individuals league score, therefore this results in what is effectively a singles league

6.     A non complicated singles match, first to 21 shots

7.     A singles match played over three sets, 9 ends on the first two sets and a deciding third set of 3 legs when required (as seen on TV for the world championships)

Please note that if we get a good uptake, you may not get a game each week, as we are limited to three rinks, but the more the merrier. Please let me know if you would be prepared to mark a singles game if not playing.

Please send me a return indicating which evening you would be prepared to commit to (or both) and please indicate which of the options you would be pleased to play (List your preferences 1,2,3 etc as appropriate).  Please pass this message onto any bowling friends that may not be using a computer.

Decisions will be based on the majorities selected

All returns by Saturday, 7 November please. If you have not replied by this date, I will assume you are not interested.   

John Hurren (Comps/ Chair)



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Tuesday, 15th of June 2021