Drawn Hat Competition – Thursdays 1215- 1415 hrs

We have developed a new competition to introduce “roll-up” players to a more competitive (but friendly) environment, whereby any member can enter on the day and compete in a team, which is drawn from a hat on the day to play against other members. It is essentially a singles competition, as individuals are likely to play with different people each week, but will accumulate points for each game played based on the score of their team and whether they win or lose on the day.

This is how it works:

On each Thursday, members may record their name on a sheet provided and take a disk, which has a number on it, and put it in the hat. This needs to be done by 1210 hrs on the day, as this is when the draw will take place. The format on the day will vary dependent on the number of people participating and could involve pairs, triples or rinks (see attached chart to see how it will be organised for the number of people). The minimum number for the event to go ahead is 4 and the maximum is 32, if more want to play, it is the first 32 that put their disk in the hat that get the chance to play.

Your personal score will be the number of shots recorded by your team during the two hour period, plus two points for a win and less two points if you lose. Drawn games will just score the points gained during the game. At the end of the season, only those players with six games or more will be eligible to win the trophy and the status of “Drawn Hat champion”. However, this should not lessen your enjoyment of playing with different members and getting to know them in a semi-competitive event if you don’t manage to play six times. If you play six times or more, your score will be an average of all those games achieved and the highest average will determine the “Drawn Hat Champion”.

I will keep the scores and display a league table from time to time

John Hurren. Comp Secretary

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Thursday, 29th of October 2020