Chipping Norton IndoorBowls Club            
"Never Won" Singles Championship 2018/19   18 entries    
First named player is responsible for offering three dates before the end date indicated ( not more than 2 dates in a single week).                                    Contact Comps secretary if unable to comply.     
Round 1        Round 2       Round 3   semi final   Final
(to be played by 30 November)    (to be played by 14 December)   (to be played by 15 February)   (to be played by 8 March)   TBA  6/7 April
Game 1                        
Susan Field > Mick Boobyer   Mick Boobyer bt Hilary O'Callaghan   Mick Boobyer        
Game 2               bt   __________________    
Julie Singer bt Roberta Jarvie   Julie Singer bt Orren Bennett   Julie Singer   Mick Boobyer   Mick Boobyer
        Carol Thornhill > Bev Timms   Bev Timms        
                V   Bev Timms    
        Helen Cox bt Robin Cox   Helen Cox        
        Andy Collington bt Ron Thornhill   Andy Collington        
                V   Rob Funning    
        Pat Brown > Rob Funning   Rob Funning        
        Richard Nolte bt Cathy Sparks   Richard Nolte        
                bt   Richard Nolte    
        Martin Sparks bt Alec Shepherd   Martin Sparks        
Advice:  Don't leave it to the last moment - arrange dates well in advance and put details in the diary.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Good Luck.                         John Hurren - Comps Sec (07786 072937)