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Outdoor Competitions 2021

Please find below a list of competitions for you to take part in this Summer.  Please enter as many as you can.  More competitors make for better competitions.

Winners of the Ladies’ and Men’s singles finals will be eligible and expected to represent Chipping Norton Bowls Club in the ‘Champion of Champions’ competition. 

I wish you all the best for a successful and enjoyable season.

Mike Harris

Competition Secretary



Entry Fee

Men’s Singles


Ladies Singles


Two Wood Singles


Over 60s Singles


Never Won Singles (Open to anyone who has never won an Outdoor singles completion within the club)



Drawn Open Pairs


Married Couples


Drawn Men’s Pairs


Drawn Ladies Pairs


John Quinn Trophy



Doubles Leagues

Potential Doubles league(s) on Monday and/or Wednesday evenings

You may be aware that our traditional leagues will all be Triples leagues due to Covid restrictions and the fact that many members are choosing to stay away from the bowls club in the current  season. As a result there will be no Triples leagues on Monday or Wednesday evenings.

This provides an opportunity to trial a doubles league (or even a singles league) and this communication is to gauge your interest in participating on either of these evenings. It may be possible to trial some of these options from November onwards with a view to starting the league(s) after the new year. These will be open events and both men and ladies are very welcome.

Please Email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let me know your thoughts. Alternatively, please fill in the feedback form on the back of this sheet indicating where your interests lay:

There are a few potential formats for a pairs league and few more options for a singles league:

1.     Choose a partner and play a traditional pairs match with 4 woods each, for the 2 hour session.

2.     Choose a partner and play an Australian pairs match with 4 woods each. Australian pairs is where the first player in each team delivers two woods, then changes ends with his/her partner who will bowl all 4 of their woods, before changing ends again for the first player to deliver their last two woods. The same happens with first and second players reversed at the other end. It provides a little more walking, but everyone gets a chance to play both roles, so is good for developing your personal game.

3.     As 1 above, but with a drawn pair.

4.     As 2 above but with a drawn pair

5.      As 3 above, but with a different drawn pair for each game, with match scores contributing to the individuals league score, therefore this results in what is effectively a singles league

6.     A non complicated singles match, first to 21 shots

7.     A singles match played over three sets, 9 ends on the first two sets and a deciding third set of 3 legs when required (as seen on TV for the world championships)

Please note that if we get a good uptake, you may not get a game each week, as we are limited to three rinks, but the more the merrier. Please let me know if you would be prepared to mark a singles game if not playing.

Please send me a return indicating which evening you would be prepared to commit to (or both) and please indicate which of the options you would be pleased to play (List your preferences 1,2,3 etc as appropriate).  Please pass this message onto any bowling friends that may not be using a computer.

Decisions will be based on the majorities selected

All returns by Saturday, 7 November please. If you have not replied by this date, I will assume you are not interested.   

John Hurren (Comps/ Chair)



Weekend Super Sixes


We have received a proposal to help us through the long winter and have some fun at the weekends, while keeping safe and utilising our wonderful facility.

This will be an open event played on a mixture of Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings.

Please let us know if you are interested either via the website or to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here are the rules.

Each team must consist of 6 players.

There will be three games, consisting of one singles game, one Pairs game and one triples game

This will be repeated three times, changing the people each time, so that nobody plays more than one singles and one pairs game.

The singles will use 4 woods over 6 ends . Pairs will be with 3 woods over 6 ends per match. Triples will be with 2 woods each over 6 ends.

Each match will consist of 3 legs as follows:

Leg 1

Leg 2

Leg 3

1 x 4 bowl singles

1 x 4 bowl singles

1 x 4 bowl singles

1x 3 bowls each pairs

1x 3 bowls each pairs

1x 3 bowls each pairs

1x 2 bowl each triples

1x 2 bowl each triples

1x 2 bowl each triples

Scores will be accumulated over the 9 matches played

The winner of each match will get 3pts, if the match is tied 2pts each, if the loser/s lose by less than 5 pts , they get 1pt, if losing by more than 5pts they get  0 points.

After each leg the teams must change, so that each person cannot play more than one singles or one pairs match. You cannot have the same pair or triple for the legs.

As an example:    The player format is listed below.

Match 1                                                       Match 2                                           Match 3

A1 v B3                                                        A3 V B1                                            A6 v B6

A2 &A3  v B4 & B5                                    A1 A6 v B2 B6                                 A5 A4 v B1 B3

A4 A5 A6 v B1 B2 B6                                 A2 A4 A5 v B3 B4 B5                     A1 A2 A3 v B2 B4 B5

So 18 ends in a session and each player will play 18 ends in total.

Each team will play one another through the course of the winter/spring, and success will be measured in a league table.

To avoid any one team being much stronger than the others, teams will be limited to no more than 3 Wessex players who played two or more games last season. A list will be put up on the noticeboard.

If one or more players are unavailable for a fixture, the captain may seek substitutes from persons not listed as playing in a team of six. The limit of 3 Wessex players will still apply, but at no time will a substitute remain a member of the sixes team originally entered. This also means that a substitute may temporarily play for more than one team during the season.

Failure to provide six players for a fixture will result in a 6 point penalty for each section match with less than the number of people required.

SO... if you want to enter a team (of six), let John Hurren know the name of the team, the Captain’s name and the names of the other 5 players.

If you are a single player and want to join a team, let John Hurren know and we will try to match you up with a team.

This event is open to club members only at this time, but if there are insufficient players to make this viable, we will consider allowing guests to play

For the first year, if it is members only, there will be no entry fee, no green fees and no trophy at the end, but of course winners will have full bragging rights !

If successful we will formally recognise the contest going forward.

Please respond by 21 November if you are interested.

Respond through the Website “Contact us” box or Email John Hurren : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Club Knockout Competition Finals

Club Knock out Competition Finals -2020


Revisions due to the Coronavirus lockdown


Men’s Singles Final – Sat, 14 November at 1500 hrs

Martin Shepherd  v  Rob Funning


Ladies’ Singles Final – Sat, 14 November at 1500 hrs

Bev Timms  v  Sue Field


Never Won Single’s Final - Sat, 14 Nov at 1500 hrs

Mike Boobyer v  Martin Sparks


Men’s Pairs Final -  Sat, 21 November at 1500 hrs

R Funning / M Sparks  v  R Nolte / J Hurren 


Ladies’ Pairs Final – Sat, 21 November at 1500 hrs


Carol Thornhill/Sheila Jones v Helen Cox/Ana Sundasan


Mixed Pairs Final – Sat, 21 November at 1500 hrs

J Benfield/Roberta Jarvie v Julie Singer/P Hickman 


Triples Final -   Thurs, 19 November at 1830 hrs

Lynne Marrow, R Funning, K Field   v    J.Cox, Shirley Crick, Sue Field


Rinks Finals – Thurs, 26 November at 1800 hrs

The final will not now be played on this date due to COVID-19 rule of 6 restrictions

N Biddlecombe,  J Hurren           H O’Callaghan, R Nolte       

C Thornhill,  R Funning        v      M Sparks, M Acock


 (Dress code:     All finals – Greys please)

Three Set Open Singles

Event in Action


The 4 semi-finalists - Shane Cooper, Julie Singer, Shirley Crick and David Leighfield


The Champion David Leighfield with Runner-up Julie Singer;

Rinks Final

Rinks Final 2018

The first indoor final of the season has been won by Rinks team - Carol Martin, Tom Edwards, Richard Morrow and Nigel Lidster who beat their opponents Orren Bennett, Bev Timms, John Hurren & Dave Leafield. Nigel's team took the first three ends by a point each before David's team rallied to take a 10-3 lead after 7 ends. However the number ten proved a barrier to progress or the next 6 ends with Nigel's team going 16-10 up. A short term revival got the scores back to 16-14, but Nigel's team went on to win 24-15.  Congratulations to the winning team.

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