Information for New Members


This information should help you to become a full and active Member of the Club. The Club has a Constitution, copies of which are on display in the Clubhouse on the pillar immediately opposite you when entering the Bar area from the Main Corridor and on the General Notice Board in the Main Corridor.

We hope that you will have an enjoyable time with us. Our Club has a reputation for being one of the friendliest and most hospitable in the area and our Greens (Outdoor & Indoor) are becoming two of the best around and are maintained to the highest standards. We aspire to becoming the best Club in the County and we look to you as a Member to help us reach our aim

We cater for all levels of bowlers: beginners, intermediate and advanced. The Club is open to all ages and there are facilities for the disabled both on and off the Greens


Today’s Committee Members continue in the traditions of our now departed predecessors but are ALWAYS looking for other Members to join them & help spread the load. To this end wherever you see this symbol (J) please ask yourself if you could support the Club by offering your services. The Outdoor & Indoor Sections both have separate Committees & their positions, names & telephone numbers can be found at the front of the Section Booklets/Fixture Cards. Committee Members are elected at their respective Annual Meetings in April (Indoor Section) & September (Outdoor Section). Separate Subscriptions are paid to become a Member of the Indoor & Outdoor Section. The Club has an Annual General Meeting in January at which a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer & three Bar Committee Members are elected. Over & above the two committees are a Management Committee responsible for running the financial & policy matters of the Club. The Management Committee consists of the key representatives of the Indoor & Outdoor committees plus any persons whom they may see fit to co-opt at any time. The Club also has three Trustees from within the Management Committee who take on the final responsibility of representing the Club in legal & financial aspects


Members can obtain a key to gain access to the Clubhouse during the day. The Clubhouse is securely locked and an alarm system is set at night or during spells of inclement weather. Certain key holders have access to the Clubhouse at such times and are responsible for setting & unsetting the alarms & locking & unlocking the Clubhouse at night or early in the morning (J). When a significant number of Members are present, the Clubhouse will be left open for easy access, so that it is not necessary to have a key. A list of key holders is kept within the Office in the Clubhouse together with the names & telephone numbers of those key holders with alarm setting/unsetting capabilities

There are a limited number of lockers in both changing rooms. We ask that no personal items are left in the Clubhouse overnight, particular in the changing rooms


The outdoor season runs from mid-April to the end of September. The Outdoor Green will not be used for the playing of Bowls between October & mid-April

The indoor season runs from mid-September to early April. During the outdoor season, the Indoor Green may be used subject to the payment of a Subscription & Rink Fees as determined by the Management Committee

During the outdoor season, Members have free access to the Clubhouse between 9.00a.m. and 9.00p.m., Monday to Saturday, and between 10.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. on Sundays and Bank Holidays. During the indoor season, Members have free access to the Clubhouse between 9.00 a.m. and 9.00 p.m. Monday to Saturday, and between 9.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. on Sundays and Bank Holidays

You can play 7 days a week from 10.00am to close if the rinks are not booked. Check in your Section Booklet/Fixture Card and/or the rink booking sheets in the Clubhouse to see if any rinks have been booked for matches and/or competitions. The rink booking folder can be found on the large desk in the Bar Area close to Indoor Green Rink 1. You can always book a rink yourself or else just turn up on the off chance that there may a free rink. National Competitions take precedence over all other bowling. Matches, League Games, County & Club Competitions or other organised events take precedence over casual bowling

Please note that the Outdoor Green is closed for maintenance on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays until 10.30am or as required by the Greenkeeper. The Indoor Green is rarely closed for maintenance. A Notice will be displayed if the Indoor Green is to be closed for an extended period & the rink booking sheets will be marked up accordingly. The Indoor Carpet is cleaned using a bespoke high quality machine every 2 weeks & a rota (J) is displayed on the Club Corridor Notice Board. Similarly we are always searching for those willing to help with the maintenance of the Outdoor Green, the Clubhouse & its surrounds (J). Please speak to a Committee Member if you are willing to help

Typical Use of the Outdoor Green



Morning Session

(typically from 10 a.m.)

Afternoon Session

(typically from 2 p.m.)

Evening Session

(typically from 6 p.m.)



League (Triples)





Mixed Matches








Men’s Matches (County League)







Mixed Matches




Mixed Matches



Typical Use of the Indoor Green during the indoor season


Morning Session

(typically from 10 a.m.)

Afternoon Session

(typically from 2 p.m.)

Evening Session

(typically from 7 p.m.)



Ladies League (Triples)

Open League (Fours)


Open League (Fours)

Ladies Matches

Men’s League (Fours, under handicap)


Open League (Triples)


Open League (Fours under handicap)


Open League (Fours)

Men’s or Ladies Matches

Competitions & informal Roll-up


Open League (Triples)

Informal Roll up

Men’s League (Triples)


North Ox. League (Fours), Mixed Matches

Mixed Matches



Wessex League, Men’s Matches (Fours)

Informal Roll-up or Mixed Matches




These, together with the Inter Club Matches, are the mainstay of the Club. We therefore encourage all Members to join at least 3 League teams (Please note that joining a League Team does not mean you will be selected to play each week, but by joining at least 3 teams you should however be guaranteed at least 1 game a week). The League Secretary, Nigel Lidster, is the main man to contact, however all Committee Members will assist & point you in the right direction, when you decide you want to join League teams

Open Leagues are for teams of any configuration. Mixed Leagues are for teams comprising of at least one Member of each gender. Handicaps are applied to teams playing in the Tuesday & Wednesday Night Leagues, in an attempt to make the matches more equitable. A Bell is rung to signify the start & finish of a League session


The degree to which you play competitively is purely a personal one, but we hope that as you become more skilled you will play for the Club in friendly matches against other Clubs. It really is the best way to learn and improve your game. If you are already an experienced bowler, you can sign up for matches as soon as you like!

So how do you sign up for matches?

On the Notice Board to the right of the Bar you will find availability sheets. Just add your name on the sheet and the Captain of the Day will choose the team. Selection is normally done 7-10 days before the match (in practice sometimes much later) and the team sheet will be put on the relevant notice board. Please check to see if you have been selected, and if you have, then tick your name to confirm that you are still available to play. If, for any reason, you are unable to play then DON’T JUST CROSS YOUR NAME OFF BUT LET THE CAPTAIN KNOW

In the indoor season, the Club enters competitive teams in the “Wessex League” (Men’s 16-a-side) and the “County 10’s” (10-a-side - 5 Men & 5 Ladies) played on selected Sunday Mornings on a “Home” & “Away” basis (for the “Wessex League”) or at Oxford City & County Bowls Club (for the “County 10’s”). The availability sheet for the Wessex League can be found on the Notice Board in the Main Corridor, whilst that for the “County 10’s” is on the Bar Area Notice Board. The selector will notify those selected to play by posting a team selection sheet on the Noticeboard adjacent to the availability sheet. The Club also runs a team competition, the “North Ox. League”, on certain Saturday mornings for Mixed teams of 4-a-side representing Outdoor Clubs. 2 teams from the Club play in this competition. Details can also be found on the Bar Area Notice Board next to the “County 10’s” information

In the outdoor season, the equivalent of the “Wessex League” is the County League team; matches are played “Home” or “Away” on selected Thursday Evenings. A similar selection procedure takes place for this competition & details can be found on the Notice Board in the Main Corridor. The “West Ox. League” is a Mixed Team of 12 playing as triples on certain weekends on a “Home” or “Away” basis against other local outdoor Clubs. Details can be found on the Notice Board in the Bar Area

HOME MATCHES – players should arrive at the Club not later than 15 minutes before the match is scheduled to start

AWAY MATCHES – players should make travel arrangements amongst themselves with the intention of being at the away Club at least 30 minutes before the match is scheduled to start

MATCH FEES – These are stated on the availability/selection sheets. They will indicate what refreshments or meals are being provided for the fee. Players are expected to stay for refreshments/meals after the game


Rink Fees are not charged on the Outdoor Green. However, it is necessary, as a condition of receiving a grant in 2016 from Sport England, to record the “footfall” on both the Outdoor & Indoor Greens

For the Outdoor Green, “footfall” is recorded by putting your name in the book kept in the Equipment Shed beyond the south west corner of the Outdoor Green. This should be done before you play (This is only required if you are “rolling-up” or playing in a Competition)

For the Indoor Green, a list of applicable Rink Fees is displayed on the wall left & adjacent to the exit to the Outdoor Green. All players must pay a Rink Fee, including for individual practice. Different Rink Fees apply for casual Roll-ups & Intra Club Leagues, County, Regional (e.g. “Wessex League”) & National Competitions. Rink Fees will not be directly charged for Inter Club Matches, the appropriate Match Fee will include an element of a Rink Fee. Such Match fees will be collected by the Skip & passed to the Team Captain. Intra Club League Rink Fees will be collected by a delegated Member of the each Team & passed to the League Organiser (or his/her delegate) on the day. To pay a Casual Play Rink Fee, complete a Payment Slip (found on the Desk near the exit to the Outdoor Green), add your Fee, put it in a plastic Banking money bag (found on the Desk), & post in the Green Fees post-box found on the wall to your left. Indoor Green “footfall” is recorded against Rink Fees received


We have qualified coaches who can run sessions for all levels of play. There is a specific programme of training for beginners on Monday mornings (for Indoor Bowls) & Tuesday mornings (for Outdoor Bowls) but the Club coaches can arrange additional coaching if there is a demand. Please speak to a Committee Member if you would like additional coaching


Bowls and shoes can be borrowed from the Club Lockers found at the eastern end of Indoor Green Rink 4. It is advisable to try a few different sizes of bowls to see which best suit you before buying your own. The Club coaches will be happy to advise

Second hand bowls can often be bought at a very reasonable price, so look on the noticeboard in the Main Corridor on the left before entering the Dining Room, or if you have access to the internet, try e-bay ™

For your own comfort, your first purchase should probably be bowling shoes. All players, including visitors, must wear smooth soled bowling shoes on the Green


Casual clothes are worn for informal practice sessions and the Monday Morning Indoor/Tuesday Morning Outdoor Coaching sessions

Tailored shorts are allowed but they must be a reasonable length! When you start playing in friendly matches you will need white trousers or skirt plus either a white shirt or, or preferably the Club logoed shirt of white with blue trimmings

When you start playing in league matches or Club competitions you will need grey trousers or skirt and a Club shirt or white top

Should there be any exceptions to the above these will be shown on the selection sheets. It is always worth checking just in case


The local Bridge Club uses the Dining Room on Tuesday evenings & Thursday afternoons. The Dining Room may also be used by outside organisations at various times with the permission of the Management Committee. Please do not go into the Dining Room if it is in use by another group


These are issued to all Members on payment of the annual subscription. As well as listing all matches and events for the season, they contain much more detailed useful information on the day to day running of the Club than in this booklet and also contact details for the Club Officers. Please ensure you read the Section Booklets, but please ask if there is anything you need to know


Each year the Club runs both separate competitions for lady and men Members, and also mixed competitions. Members can choose to enter as many of the competitions for which they are eligible, before the closing date for entries. The rounds of matches will need to be played by a particular closing date for that round. Some competitions such as the Indoor Fours & Indoor Triples are played on set dates & times, so check that you are available on those days before entering


Men’s Singles, Ladies Singles, “Never Won” Singles, Men’s Pairs, Ladies Pairs, Mixed Pairs, Triples (played on set dates/times), Fours/Rinks (played on set dates/times). The “Never Won” Singles is open to anyone who has never won any Indoor Singles competition at the Club


Men’s Singles, Ladies Singles, “Never Won” Singles (John Sale Trophy), Two Wood Singles, Over 60’s Competition (Len Taylor Cup), (John Quinn) Sets Competition, Men’s Pairs, Ladies Pairs, Mixed Pairs, Married Couples Pairs (Hackett Bowl), Fours (Barley Hill Cup). The “Never Won” Singles is open to anyone who has never won any Outdoor Singles competition at the Club


The Club encourages Members to represent the Club & play in County Indoor & Outdoor Competitions & Indoor Competitions in National Events. Outdoor National Competitions can only be played if successful in County Competitions. Entries in Outdoor County & National Indoor Events can only be made via the Club & must be made before the end of the previous season. Entries in Indoor County Competitions usually close around the End of October and in the case of Men’s Competitions, are made individually. Further details can be found on the County Competition Notice Boards in the Main Corridor (for Men) or the Ladies Changing Room (for Ladies). Alternatively, speak to the Club Secretary, Roberta Jarvie


As with most of the tasks required for the running of the Club, Catering for match teas and suppers is done by all Members on a voluntary basis J. Please speak to the Caterer Roberta Jarvie, or any Committee Member. The Bar is also run and staffed by our own Club Members through Bar Manager, Martin Acock J. 3 Bar Committee Members are elected annually at the Club Annual General Meeting in January


A limited number of Social Events are held throughout the Year J. Catering & Bar for these events is again provided by Club Members as well as some form of entertainment. There is normally a small charge to cover costs. The bar is open and the food is usually good home-cooked fare so make sure you book by adding your name to any sign up lists posted on the Notice Boards


The Club takes the safety and the well-being of its Members very seriously and every effort is made to provide a safe environment in which all Members and guests can enjoy themselves. In the event of an accident occurring there is a First Aid Box in the kitchen and another one on the pillar in the Bar Area. After any accident has occurred the Accident Book must be completed. The Accident Book is next to the First Aid Box in the Bar Area

Fire Extinguishers & Fire Exits are scattered throughout the Club in appropriate locations to enable use in the event of an emergency or offer easy escape. If you feel that a Health & Safety issue needs to be addressed please immediately bring it to the attention of a Committee Member


The success of our Club is, in no small part, as a result of Members giving up their time to help in some way. So if you can bake cakes, enjoy gardening, are a keen handyman etc. and are prepared to give something back to your Club then speak with any Committee Member


Subscriptions are payable annually in April (for the Outdoor Section) & in October (for the Indoor Section) and they can be paid by posting in the “Membership Subscriptions” post box immediately to your left as you enter the Bar Area from the Main Corridor. Only fully paid up Members are entitled to use the facilities or play in matches


The code of etiquette that should be observed by all bowlers ensures that no circumstances will arise that will give one bowler an unfair advantage over another. On the green all players are regarded as equal and your conduct should reflect the dignity of the game and your Club. However, the Skip should have sole charge of the rink & his/her instructions should be observed by his/her players. Bowling is a friendly game and all players should show courtesy and good sportsmanship

  • Be punctual and always dress correctly for all games, i.e. tailored trousers/skirts, Club or white shirts
  • Stand still when a player is about to bowl
  • Do not talk, knock bowls or make a loud noise behind the mat when a player is about to deliver their wood
  • Remain behind the mat or behind the head when it is not your turn to play.  As soon as your bowl comes to rest possession of the rink passes to your opponents, after time being allowed for marking a toucher
  • Keep to your own rink… do not become a wanderer and distract other bowlers. Avoid moving across to another rink whilst watching your bowl travel to the head (it’s against the Rules of Bowls!). When changing ends try to walk down the centre of your rink to avoid disrupting players on adjoining rinks. When walking off the rink & behind heads always check to see you are not disrupting players on other rinks by moving about in their line of eyesight
  • Do not run after your bowl. Markers and Umpires are fully entitled to remove your bowl in motion if a first official warning has been previously given
  • Do not interfere with the job of the No 3s, or No 2s when playing triples.  Keep out of the head until a final decision has been made
  • If the jack has been moved to behind the “T” position, step off the green & stand on the bank
  • On a bright and sunny day, be aware of your shadow… do not let it mask the jack, or permit it to fall in front of the mat when your opponent is about to deliver
  • Avoid obscuring rink markers…rink numbers… and markers for the jack and touchers in the ditch
  • Don’t criticise, only praise and try and to appear to be enjoying the game whatever the score may be
  • Compliment your opponent on a good bowl, it’s a sign of a good sportsman. Accept that “flukes” are part of the game. What may seem a fluke to you might just be a deliberate shot from your opponent. Do not urge your opponent’s bowl off the rink
  • Pay attention to the game… nothing is more frustrating to your team or partners than to feel that you are not giving of your best through a lack of concentration
  • Do not crowd around the head when a firing shot is about to be played. You may be the one who is hit by the bowl or jack. When about to fire, you must warn your & adjacent rinks that you intend to fire. Any damage or injury caused by firing is entirely your responsibility
  • At the end of the game remember to shake hands with your opponents,…  BE AS GOOD A LOSER AS YOU ARE A WINNER


Car Parking. Please park your vehicle in the areas marked adjacent to the north & west walls of the Clubhouse. Avoid parking adjacent to Greystones House opposite the Clubhouse (This area is reserved for any occupiers of Greystones House). The rough area towards the Rifle Range & Scout Hut & the Car Park towards the Rugby Club can be used as “overflow” Car Parks & there is limited parking alongside the hedge which divides the Car Parks from the Main Rugby pitch. Please do not double park, block access to any containers & allow room for access by emergency vehicles

Enter the Clubhouse through the Main Entrance, coming past the Joe Roughton Memorial Garden on your right, with the Waste Disposal Bins hopefully concealed on your left and the post-box on the wall; once inside, the light switch and Security Alarm Panel are on the left wall. Directly ahead is the “Welcome to Chipping Norton Bowls Club” sign. To the right is the Ladies Changing Room, Toilets and further on through the Ladies Changing Room a general store/junk room. The Notice Board in the Ladies Changing Room has details of Ladies County Events, Competitions & Team selections. Straight ahead past the “Welcome to Chipping Norton Bowls Club” sign is the door to the Bar Services Room, fuse board, meters & Bar Stock Area. This door is kept locked with access by key. Only persons serving behind the Bar usually need access to this area

A turn to the left at the Welcome Sign brings you along the Main Corridor. This accesses the Men’s Changing Room, the Office, Dining Room & Bar Area. Moving down the Main Corridor, on the right is the Fire Alarm Panel, a “Messages for Members” envelope drop area, where typically League Team schedules, notes or letters can be found. Beyond that, after the pillar, is the Club telephone and above that, hanging on a hook, are keys to the doors giving access to the Outdoor Green. 2 General Notice Boards follow with information needed on an occasional basis such as Un Locking Up Duty Rota, Burglar Alarm Zone List, Accident Notice, Certificates, Blank “Hot Shots” Form, Bowls Stamp Information Sheet, recent Bowls Law changes, Outside Green Contractors Report Sheets & Newsletters. Further along is the Men’s Wessex League availability sheet, Result Reporting Sheet & team selection (indoor season); & Men’s County League availability sheet & team selection (outdoor season)

To the left at this point is the entrance to the Men’s Changing Room & Toilets. After this entrance on the left side of the corridor is a Notice Board with details of Men’s County Events, Matches & Competitions. On the right of the corridor the Notice Board has information regarding upcoming meetings, significant decisions made by the Committees and requests for help! Copies of the Constitution & Rules of the Club, the Indoor Carpet Cleaning Rota, a “Job Vacancies” List, General Meeting Notices, Employers Liability Insurance Certificate, Club Dress Rules, the Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy Statement, General Data Protection Regulation Notices, Survey Results & an Advertising & Sponsorship Notice can all be found here. Doors to the Office (on the left & normally kept locked) & the Bar Area, with access to both Indoor & Outdoor Rinks (on the right) follow next, with straight ahead the entrance to the Dining Room. There is a final corridor Notice Board after the Office Door on the left with Bowls related advertisements

Entering the Bar Area there are more Noticeboards immediately behind you to your left & right. On your left, after the Membership Subscriptions post-box, Blank Membership Application Forms & Defibrillator Location Notice, in the winter are details of the “County 10’s” team competition & the “North Ox. League”. In the summer, the “County 10’s” & “North Ox. League” details are replaced by those for the “West Ox. League”. On your right are the Inter Club Match availability & selection sheets & the Club Competition Draws. Under these Noticeboards is a small Library of (donated) JBooks. If you want a book please make a contribution of 20 pence in the jar provided

The Bar Serving Counter is on the right, together with a telephone & telephone books plus a display of Club related items for sale. “Bob’s Corner” follows next, a small seating area named in memory of one of our late Past Presidents Bob Ellis, and then a pillar with, on its western side, First Aid Box & Accident Book. On its northern side is a hanging file containing records of past Club & County Committee & Annual meetings, the Club’s Privacy Policy & Data Protection Notice & further copies of the Club’s Constitution & Rules. On the eastern side of the pillar are the Indoor Green light switches & Indoor Green Heating Timer Control Switch (only to be used out of set regular hours). A number of tables between the Bar Area & the Indoor Green have various folders & books with Rink Booking Sheets, League Teams & current League Tables, bowls magazines (please do not remove), a Suggestions Book, Competition Entry Box, various Year Books & older Committee/General Meeting Records. Under these tables are stored the Wheelchair & Indoor Green Carpet Cleaning Machine

Behind/Under the Bar Serving Counter are tins containing Marker Chalk & Bowls Stickers, as well as Clubhouse Keys, Club Badges. These are all for sale at minimal cost. In the event that Umpiring equipment (tapes, protractors, wedges etc.) is needed, a box containing them can also be found under the Bar Serving Counter

After the folding doors to the Dining Room, but still in the Bar Area is a desk adjacent to the exit to the Outdoor Green which contains blank Rink Booking sheets; National, County Yearbooks; Rules of Bowls Booklets, stationery items, hand bells, Score Cards & Wallets, jacks & chalks & it is here that Rink Fees are collected by League Organisers and posted into the adjacent Green Fee Box. Inter League Scorecards should be collected from & returned to here. The League organisers will have prepared the score cards & have them ready in the trays on the wall next to the desk. Also on the wall is a list of current Green Fee rates

The Dining Room contains chairs & tables (more are stored in the general store/junk room beyond the Ladies Changing Room), a sideboard with table dining requisites, the Lottery Draw Machine and several gavels. On the walls are the Outdoor Section Honours Boards, the Clubs County & National Honours Boards, and various photographs, shields, pennants and the Trophy Cabinet, a Club Badge Display Cabinet & Club bell. Beyond the Dining Room is the Kitchen which contains the Gas Boiler providing heat to the radiators & water supply with associated Control units & also the Electric Immersion Heater

At the eastern end of the Indoor Green is the Viewing Gallery providing views of both the Indoor & Outdoor Greens. The Coffee Machine is here & further along are lockers & a cupboard containing bowls & bowls shoes for use by prospective Members. The Indoor Section Honours Boards are also in this area together with more displays of photographs, shields & pennants. At the western end of the Indoor Green and hidden away is the room in which the Boiler which provides heat to the indoor Green by means of an overhead flue system

Outside the Club adjacent to the Outdoor Green are various Sheds containing Green keeping Equipment & Watering System Controls



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